How To Use Buying App Reviews To Desire

Jurassic world the game not judging it but just saying I have Leo Donnie space Ralph and larp Mikey that is my turtle so far I like it though it evolves and I have 0 vs tournament points though I grind the tournaments to get the points to get the turtles daily and level 33 and keep using my pizza buy app store reviews to ge try dna cards for my best team though I don’t like it cause I like the challenges where you get 1 Ralph dna because I so far have 53 out of 70 and I like it how so my goal is to get the turtles and splinter and get all the cards to level them up to max 100 and a very good journey so far.

I know the show isn’t on any more but my whole family and friends still play the game a suggestion is maybe adding rennet and savant is Romero and even the demon from the last few episodes and even the wolf from the sushi world and a tournament where all the good guys have diamond and all 5 star max and another where it’s the same thing but with villains

Thanks for the great memory’s I had playing and watching the show and game until the future buyakusha. Here are some characters that should be put in this game: For Allies, Fugitoid, Dream Beavers (All 4), Napoleon, Leonardo (Rise of TMNT), Donatello (Rise of TMNT), Raphael (Rise of TMNT), Michelangelo (Rise of TMNT), April (Rise of TMNT), Splinter (Classic), April (Movie), Krang (Movie), The Finger, Baxter Stockman (Classic), Stockman-Fly (Classic), Kavaxas, Bigfoot, Joe Eyeball. I know all the others, but I just forgot the names. When I figure it out, I will tell you.

Please update and make it easier to level up characters and make their dna drops easier its hard to level up and the only way is to use the ice popsicles and energy to do it. Please update it like you guys forgot or gave up on the game i still love tmnt but mad that now we have to subcribe 19.99 a month just to get DNA and characters shard and other things ….. I’ve been going on and Off this game I love it but no update still and i hate the fact that it turned into a pay to win game by subscribing almost 20.00 bucks im giving it a 2 out of 5 its a 5 in my book but I’ll still play it because im a fan and grew up watching it but it needs more love like i said it seem you guys forgot bout this game and i even went to your website to see if there is any new news and nothing buy app reviews android

I love this game but I wish it could be easier to get platinums after all Lidia can you give me something if not that’s fine and I love you game it’s the best ever literally one of the best and intertwining, also add another chapter after chapter seven add and eighth one when they bring super shredder back in the movies just an idea or something else, just more updates please I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!