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Quora, a goldmine…

Have you ever come across Quora! It is a massive question and answer community. You can join quora for free. Create your account and start asking questions and getting answers for them. Also, you can follow what others are questioning and answer them or read other answers. 

Quora is a very successful platform by virtue of its straight-forward concept. There is a button that allows you to upvote an answer for a particular question and also downvote it. An upvote makes the answer more visible for quora readers while downvotes can get it deleted. 

Putting everything in place, quora is a simple online community that allows to interact with questions and answers. 

How it is gold mine for internet marketers?

Internet marketing is mainly about creating awareness, leads and customers by marketing through the internet. As an internet marketer, you can rely heavily on Quora. Let’s us look into the details.

  • Quora has an audience that is very responsive.
  • Quora has millions of users who can fall into a particular segment or the other.
  • Quora is a fantastic source of organic traffic.
  • Quora is free to join and use.

Having considered all the reasons above, Quora would be rightly considered the number one organic traffic source. An internet marketer can surely bet his/ her money on quora.

How a marketer should use Quora?

A normal quora reader or a writer can use quora to share or gain knowledge. When it comes to an internet marketer proper planning is the real game plan. 

Basic planning.

  • Create an account that looks professional and select areas of interest related to your niche.
  • Your bio or description must inform the readers the reasons to trust you…
  • Search for the trending questions related to your niche regularly.
  • Answer the questions offering real value to the readers.
  • Add links to your blog or website as allowed on quora.

Through this basic planning, you can get exposure, visibility and hence a following on Quora. But in practice sense, quora is very tough for beginners. The main hindrance is the tough competition. You need upvotes as discussed above along with good quality answers to impress readers who have a lot of alternatives on the platform.

Facing the competition!

We have discussed above the basic or organic methods to get upvotes, followings and views. Due to huge competition for visibility those strategies are not enough. To achieve quora fame, you need faster methods that give faster results. We are talking about services like Buy quora upvotes, Buy Quora answers, Buy Quora views, etc. 

The moment you go for paid methods the scenario is completely different. You have been doing your basic planning right. So now the faster methods can multiply the impact. Quora fame would be just a short distance away.

Final impression.

Quora is second to none as a organic traffic source. It can generate huge traffic. It is very specific and the traffic is mostly targeted. Acceptable methods to implement are both organic and paid to get quora fame. Optimisation of your account and planning out your strategy is important. You need to be consistently writing good answers. But there is a limit to what you can achieve if you neglect the paid methods.

Services like buy Quora upvotes, buy quora views, buy quora answers can along with some basic strategies help in achieving quora fame..