SurfRecon Home Edition: Pornography Detection Software

A SurfRecon pornography-detection tool (Home Edition) is a must-have for any safety-conscious parent. If you have tech-savvy children or a spouse who loves to surf the Internet, filters simply aren’t enough to keep your family safe–you need SurfRecon.

SurfRecon allows you to quickly and discreetly scan a computer system to see what is really going on. The software comes pre-installed on a USB thumb drive–all you have to do is launch the application and start a search. SurfRecon does all the rest of the work for you.

How It Works:

SurfRecon, Inc. is continually scanning and “digitally fingerprinting” pornographic content at its corporate data center. When the software scans your computer, it “fingerprints” any images detected and matches those images to the hundreds of millions of “fingerprints” at its data repository. If a match is found, it categorizes the image for youas Safe, Sexual or Pornand displayed on the screen. Furthermore, you can see the image location, what website it was downloaded from, and when it was last accessed.

The software also includes several safety tools that allow you to blur the images and then use a Digital Keyhole™ to view a small area of the image. These tools allow you to view sexually explicit content without having to expose yourself to the entire image and the harm that can be caused by viewing pornographic content.


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